My email was hacked

As most of you know, my yahoo email was compromised and most of you got a spam email from my hackers. Please ignore and delete. When this happens, the only option one really has is to immediately change their password and let time run its course. Only after realizing that my emails were not coming in to my Inbox did I decide to call Yahoo.

I just want to share some details from my investigation and hopefully make you aware on this malicious hacking hoping that this will never happen to anyone else. It's important to make your passwords strong and secured but in my case, that just wasn't enough. Make sure you backup your contacts and emails.

1.      All my Yahoo Contacts disappeared.

2.      All my Yahoo Sent items disappeared.

Call your email provider asap. I called Yahoo and was informed that the hackers had switched my email to forward to their email so that they would receive any replies. Yahoo deleted the forwarding and my email is now working again. They were also able to recover my lost data but only after I've sent them a couple of follow-up emails.

If you have Yahoo email, here are a couple of other features that you might want to activate for security. Something similar should apply to other email providers.

1.      Sign-In Seal

2.      Second sign-in verification

3.      Set up security key

4.      Change your secret questions if your email gets compromised.

5.      Use https security if available

Ben Lagua